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Cultivate an Inclusive Workforce through Innovative Recruitment Partnerships - Reach Out to HBCU CONNECT! (892 hits)

The landscape of diversity and inclusion in the workplace has been gaining momentum in recent years, and HBCU Connect is at the forefront of this movement. Through its innovative partnerships and commitment to connecting talent with opportunities, HBCU Connect has made significant strides in furthering representation and fostering a more inclusive workforce.

A Resounding Success

A recent virtual recruiting event in collaboration with GSK and ViiV Healthcare exemplifies HBCU Connect's dedication to bridging the gap between employers seeking diverse talent and qualified candidates from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The event, designed specifically for this employer's target audience, resulted in a resounding success in the form of a virtual recruitment event that attracted over 180 experienced professionals from various fields, industries, and academic backgrounds.

The event, organized by HBCU Connect, showcased a diverse range of open positions at GSK and ViiV Healthcare, spanning from Field Reimbursement Manager and R&D Investigator to Automation Engineer, Quality Control Specialist, and Data Engineer.

HBCU Connect played a key role in ensuring the event's success, handling the entire process from crafting a compelling landing page and actively recruiting candidates to meticulously managing the logistics and moderating the event to foster a seamless and engaging experience for both GSK and ViiV representatives and the event attendees.

The Power of Partnerships

The event's impact extended far beyond the impressive turnout, as evidenced by the positive feedback from Luke Poethig, North America Recruitment Marketing Manager at GSK and ViiV Healthcare. In his message, Poethig expressed his gratitude for HBCU Connect's efforts, highlighting the event's significant contribution to diversity recruitment at GSK and ViiV Healthcare. "Your preparation, thoughtfulness, and engagement in an event that will surely make an impact in our diversity recruitment at GSK and ViiV (180+ participants!) were amazing," Poethig stated. "Everyone's biography, response to Will's prompts, and replies during the Q&A were amazing."

This enthusiasm was mirrored by Jenny Hwang, Talent Acquisition Manager at J&J, who praised one of our previous events hosted in collaboration with Jhonson & Jhonson towards their event's turnout and seamless execution. She expressed her gratitude to HBCU Connect for their partnership, highlighting the team's dedication and expertise. J&J was eager to engage with the attendees and explore potential opportunities for collaboration.

Reinforcing Diversity and Inclusion

These virtual recruitment events showcase HBCU Connect's continued dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By providing a platform for talented HBCU graduates and experienced professionals to connect with leading employers, HBCU Connect is actively bridging the gap between students and employers, shaping a more equitable and diverse workforce.

As HBCU Connect strengthens its partnerships with leading organizations like GSK, ViiV Healthcare, and J&J, its commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace becomes increasingly evident. Embracing HBCU Connect as your trusted DEI partner provides access to a diverse pool of talented individuals, enabling you to cultivate a more inclusive and dynamic workforce.

Enable a Diverse Workforce in your Organization.
If you are an employer and would want to sponsor similar events, Contact Us! We will work together to host a customized recruitment event. Email: or go to

Posted By: Sofía Montiel
Monday, November 13th 2023 at 2:49PM
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