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Congrats to Nikeita from Howard University for Landing Dream Job at The Last Microsoft HBCU CONNECT Event! (18885 hits)

Nikeita attended our Microsoft Advertising hiring event in December of 2020 and she will be starting with Microsoft on March 15th!

Let's have a quick conversation with Nikeita and talk about her experience attending one of our hiring events, interviewing and then being hired at Microsoft!

I also have a few pointers on how it all worked out. I noticed the execs saying in the breakout room how folks don't always follow up with them. So there's definitely something to contribute to those who are in fact attending. By the time your event ended, the main speaker and all of those executives in my breakout room had a connection request and a message in their LinkedIn inboxes.

I asked more and more questions when others were silent. I made sure every exec from Microsoft said my name before we departed, so they'd remember me when I followed up. It worked, apparently the group discussed me as a standout candidate, and ALL of them responded to me when they saw their messages and just began to refer me to their friends who they knew were hiring.

I took advantage of having conversations with folks during the holidays while their schedules were slow. My direct supervisor had my resume and had an hour long conversation to vet me before I even applied. Before the recruiter opened the job online, my resume was in her hand and she knew to send me straight to interviews. After 4 hours of interviewing and 2 weeks of waiting, I got the offer!!

It took me being intentional from the moment I entered your event. I took it as an event that could alter the trajectory of my life if I showed up unapologetically, and it worked!!

I met a bunch of new exec friends along this journey. Every single one was so hands on and made sure I was talking to people and moving through the interview process fine. I knew if this opportunity didn't work out, there were three execs who already had positions to refer me for and upcoming openings they would have on their teams. They have all been so happy to hear that I am joining the company!! It feels great to head to such a big company with such an at home feel. I'm truly excited!!

If you'd like to attend a future event, sign up on our website today!

Posted By: Will Moss
Monday, February 22nd 2021 at 8:06PM
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Thursday, March 18th 2021 at 12:59AM
Grand Toudeka
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