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REvolutionary Mind: Proof that Blacks are the Chosen of God (9535 hits)

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I discuss and prove, in 40min, from the Scriptures of Bible, Holy Quran, Metu Neter, and Freemasonary, that the Black man and woman in America are The Chosen People of Allah (God).

Posted By: Steven Muhammad
Tuesday, April 12th 2011 at 2:04PM
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Hello Mr. Steven Muhammad,

The Quran and the Bible can certify that Black Americans are the chosen people of God since Black Americans are neither Arabian nor European gentiles.

Incidentally, it is old-fashion to say that Black Americans are the chosen people of God today as the children of Israel were the chosen people of God in ancient times.
It is better said that God has come to the aid of Black Americans as God came to the aid of the children of Israel in ancient times. In other words, substitute the word chosen for the word aiding or helping.

But, don't forget that the people of one race (Caucasian or Arabians) can not scripturally say anything concerning another race. Prophets has divine jurisdiction over his own people only. My divine jurisdiction only covers Black Americans. Prophet Mohammed's divine jurisdiction only covered the Arabian people. Likewise, Moses and Jesus divine jurisdiction covered only the Hebrew/Jewish people.

Consequentially, you are being misled to believe that the scriptures of the Arabian people and the Jewish and European gentiles could say something about us, Black Americans when we are not mentioned in their Scriptures. Furthermore, we are not racially the same people.

For instance, the Babylonians are mentioned and they are mentioned by name. The Philistines are mentioned. The Canaanites are mentioned. The Romans are mentioned. However, the names that we have been called by such as Color People, African Americans, and Black American are not mentioned in the Jewish/Caucasian Bible. Black Americans are not mentioned in the Quran as well because neither book belongs to Black Americans. Why is that so difficult for you and others to understand? Why do you have to look in the mirror of the Arabian and European gentiles to see yourself? Look in the mirror of your a people and you will see yourself.

The time will come that we will write our own religious book as the Arabian and European gentiles wrote their religious book.

How wise do you think Mr. Farrakhan is to be a Black American man and everything about him is Arabian? Why do he not want his own religion, LIFE; but, would rather have the Arabian people's Islamic religion?

Am I making any sense with you Mr. Steven?

Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, April 12th 2011 at 7:04PM
Harry Watley
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