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Farrakhan warns, advises Obama on Libya (1282 hits)

( | 03-11-2011) - Minister Farrakhan blasted Pres. Obama and Secy. Clinton for their arrogance in meddling in another sovereign nation's affairs and publicly recommending regime change. He then instructed Americans to look beneath the surface to see who stands to benefit from the unrest and warned Pres. Obama to be careful of the words coming from advisors lobbying him to move in with military forces to depose Libya leader, Col. Gadhafi. Read more @

Posted By: Steven Muhammad
Saturday, March 19th 2011 at 6:49AM
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Hello Steven Muhammad,

You should realizes for Mr. Farrakhan and help Mr. Farrakhan to better rationalize that White America by their own efforts has become the most powerful country in the world and therefore the president of the United States can take whatever measures they deem necessary to quell the problems of lesser people in the world.

You need to stop whining and complaining and make a sincere effort to walk in the right direction that our genuine prophet has said is our only permanent solution, which is to become a sovereign people on a fertile portion of this continent that we could call our very own country with borders. I have said that Black America's only permanent solution is become a sovereign nation on a fertile portion of this continent that we could call our very own country with borders. Everything that I say is going to happen as everything that Moses said to the children of Israel happened.

Mr. Farrakhan should advocate and promote the sovereignty of Black Americans. However, Mr. Farrakhan neither promotes nor advocates Black America's sovereignty and that is because he is not Black America's genuine prophet. Am I making any sense what you?

Black Americans needs our 500 year old problems of subjugation permanently resolve and warning President Obama about Libya has nothing to do with solving Black America's dehumanizing problems. Am I right?

Tell me what you think.

Saturday, March 19th 2011 at 12:48PM
Harry Watley
ok here I GO.

yes, farakhanMadoof is the Greatest leader for the thiefBlack population of America.

yes, jamal would be a Great leader for them after the demise of farakhanMadoof

yes, Harry is the prophet for this blackie/whitie group of Americans

AND yes, President Baraka Hussein Obama and his direction to the libyan people is the same American Democratic strategy that our President Bush used in Iraq and Afghanistan

give USA Citizens higher Gasoline Prices, Higher Taxes, More DEBT and more africaAsian guys and gals that will make our PlaneTraveling Tougher........

Saturday, March 19th 2011 at 1:08PM
powell robert
'bout time DA LEADER put Barack back in his place.
Saturday, March 19th 2011 at 5:26PM
Kahlil Crawford
@ Brother Rob,
Wow these gas prices are out the roof already and who stands to benefit from the profits most? Obviously the folk who own the gas o line and oil companies. Why is there always profiteering when there is unrest? I'm beginning to think that these things are deliberate and that the Earth can't be at peace because it just isn't profittable. Hmmmm..
Saturday, March 19th 2011 at 7:12PM
Jen Fad
@robert, "I" am sure if we were not in denial that this is exactly what the right-wing has been saying for over two years now we should not be surprised toah we will be hearing this very same message for the next two years espeically from Palin and Beck, ect.

Makes me so glad I can take part of what I see, hear and think is over if it is good for me and Jen, if we notice the gas price hikes stopped its clime after our president's speech before the last two...the one about gas gouging would end up in prison if they start back doing what they did during the last administration???? "I" know I have noticed this as here it was rising about 5-10 cents a day! lol (smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
...oops was it not during Reagan's administration's bombing of Libya end up killing one of this leader's sons???? (NUP!!!)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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