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MGT: The Women in the Nation of Islam (8678 hits)

MGT: Women in the Nation of Islam from Know4LIFE on Vimeo.

Who are the women in the Nation of Islam and what do they believe? Why do the cover their hair? What is their position and roll in the Family structure? What is their duty to her husband and what is his duty to her. Are women second class in the Nation? How do men and women meet and get married?

Get answers to all these questions and more by watching this insightful interview from Know4LIFE’s Objective Overview.

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Posted By: Steven Muhammad
Friday, March 18th 2011 at 2:12AM
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I did this video in 2006. In this video I interview Sis. Sacha and Sis. Nakia. Sis Nakia had only been in the Nation of Islam for less than a year before doing this video. You will notice in my speech that I was VERY nervous, but I soldiered through. I asked them every question I could think of and they answered them beautifully. (Do NOT call the numbers that come up on the screen, they are old numbers)
Friday, March 18th 2011 at 2:25AM
Steven Muhammad
MGT---muslimGIRLStraining, please---

can the Devil FOOl the Muslim?(elijah muhammad)

no not nowadays----take your devilColor worship to a Muslim nation and enjoy.
Friday, March 18th 2011 at 8:04AM
powell robert
Hello Mr. Steven Muhammad,

If you had the truth it would not be any need for you to delete what I say. What you would do if you had the truth is to trump what I say about you so-called Black Americans wanting to be Arabian Muslim people. Why are you afraid of me?

Why do you not want to be what you are, a Black American born out of the ashes of plantation slavery? Why are you not proud to be what you are that you would wannabe and Arabian Muslim? Why do you want to follow the ways, religion and prophet of the Arabian people? Why do you not want God to bless Black Americans as equally as God blessed the Arabian people with a prophet and a religion?

Tell me what you think.

Sunday, March 20th 2011 at 3:48AM
Harry Watley
Bro. Steven.....ASA....nice video tape. A muslim women is certainly worthy of respect.
Sunday, March 20th 2011 at 10:59PM
jamal Abraham
Hello to all,

Why do you American Negroes want to be Muslims? Why do you not want to be what you are; a LIFER since our religion is LIFE?

The word Muslim was invented by Prophet Mohammed and became part of the Arabic language. Let us first understand that the Arabian people were fully immersed in paganism so we could connect the dots of why Prophet Mohammed invented the word Muslim and what the label Muslim means.

The word Muslim was invented by Prophet Mohammed for the sole purpose to distinguish the disbelievers from the believers of Islam. Islam was being introduced to the Arabian people as their new religion versus paganism. The Arabian people that came to understand the divinity of Prophet Mohammed accepted Islam. Consequentially, as more Arabian people accepted Islam Prophet Mohammed needed a name for the newly converts to Islam and he called them Muslims. When Prophet Mohammed was asked what is a Muslim, Mohammed said a Muslim is one (Arabian person) that submits his/her will to God. We know that the meaning of Islam is the will of God. Therefore, the Arabian people that turned from paganism to Islam were submitting to the will of God when they accepted Islam as their newfound religion given to them by their Prophet Mohammed.

The meaning of Black America's religion LIFE means to be risen from a mental death which is not the same as paganism. So, why you Negroes have Islam as your religion tells the world that you are still mentally dead and do not have anything of your own. Am I making any sense with you all?

My point is that the only true Muslims in the world are Arabian people such as Prophet Mohammed was. Black Americans such as Mr. Elijah Muhammad and Mr. Farrakhan who say they are Muslims are wannabe Arabian people which take them out of their true nature as Black Americans. We are Black Americans and not Arabian people. Why is that so difficult for you all to understand? It is not possible that you could ever be reborn to be an Arabian person.

You Negroes must accept your own. You Negroes must accept your first genuine prophet as the Arabian people accepted their Prophet Mohammed. You Negroes must accept your religion LIFE. It is our religion and no one else has this religion. Likewise, no one else supposed to have Islam but the Arabian people.

It is obvious that Elijah Muhammad was misled by Mr. Fard Muhammad. Mr. Fard Muhammad was a follower of Prophet Mohammed even though you so-called Muslims believe that he was God in person. Mr. Fard Muhammad was an Arabian born Muslim in Mecca. Mr. Fard Muhammad could not have had a legitimate and divine message from God to give to Elijah Muhammad since they were not of the same race.
Elijah was a Black American and a descendent of plantation slaves. Mr. Fard Muhammad was none of these things. Therefore, Mr. Fard Muhammad was a foreigner to Elijah, which is not in keeping with the rule that God rose up prophets only from among their own kinds. Consequentially, hundreds of thousands of Black Americans were misled since the 1930s to the present day accepting the religion of the Arabian people and calling your selves Muslims. Some of you went to the extent to give yourselves Arabian names such as Omar, Mohammed and Hassan.

When we become a sovereign people on a fertile portion of this continent that we could call our very own country with borders is when we will have the opportunity to change our names.

The Arabian people religion of Islam was specifically designed by God to resolve their problems of paganism. Our problems are different. Our problems are suppression, oppression and subjugation in White America since we are descendents from plantation slaves. We want to be sovereign free on a fertile portion of this continent that we could call our very own country with borders. Therefore, if any of you all is of the mindset that Islam is the permanent solution to our problems you are sadly mistaken and grossly misled. Our permanent and divine solution cannot be Islam since our problems are different from the Arabian people problems in the days of Prophet Mohammed.

Black Americans have never been a rational thinking people.

Tell me what you think.

Monday, March 21st 2011 at 2:42AM
Harry Watley
Stop Hatin' Harry Watley. Envy is one of the most insidious diseases of the heart and mind. What is Envy? It is: A feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have something that is possessed by another. Spite and resentment at seeing the success of another (personified as one of the deadly sins).

The Bible says God would come from the East unto the West, in sinful flesh (looking white) to condemn sin in the flesh. That He, God, would raise one to go to Pharaoh, the President of the United States, and call for the Separation of God people, the Children of Israel.

Brothers and Sisters the time of Separation is taking place now! We will be separated whether we would like to separate or not. Soon the whites that you love and defend will be in the streets rebelling against the Government and killing Black, Brown and Yellow. You can believe this is hate writing but you will soon see that the Nation of Islam under Minister Farrakhan is the Modern day Ark and the only door to escape the Fall of America.
Monday, March 21st 2011 at 5:03AM
Steven Muhammad
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