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WikiLeaks Cables: Pfizer fraudulent drug tests on Nigerian children. (922 hits)

Diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks show the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer hired investigators to find evidence of corruption against the Nigerian attorney general to pressure him to drop a $6 billion lawsuit over fraudulent drug tests on Nigerian children. Researchers did not obtain signed consent forms, and medical personnel said Pfizer did not tell parents their children were getting the experimental drug. Eleven children died, and others suffered disabling injuries including deafness, muteness, paralysis, brain damage, loss of sight, slurred speech. We speak to Washington Post reporter Joe Stephens, who helped break the story in 2000, and Musikilu Mojeed, a Nigerian journalist who has worked on this story for the NEXT newspaper in Lagos. Read more…
Posted By: Steven Muhammad
Saturday, December 18th 2010 at 4:49AM
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I'm not surprised regarding this. Things like this happen all the time and will continue to happen. The Nigerian govt. doesn't care about its citizens unless there are people who can pay them gunje (hush money/bribe) just like Pfizer paid them off.
Saturday, December 18th 2010 at 2:29PM
Jen Fad
I agree Jen, to a certain degree. There is the corrupter and the corrupted. US corporations take advantage of poor and developing nations. They do it directly and through the IMF & World Bank (and other European institutions that on the surface appear to aid the native people).
Saturday, December 18th 2010 at 5:06PM
Steven Muhammad
Whenever my children had problems after taking shots, I would immediately give them a dose of lax to help move it out of the system faster. I had gotten to the point where I wouldn't wait for signs of problems and just gave them laxatives after shots.
Tuesday, December 21st 2010 at 12:28PM
Helen Lofton
It's over there and over here. It is everywhere in some form or other that the ruling global corporations, who work with the American, Arab, South American and African rulers are dedicated to increasing profits.
Friday, December 24th 2010 at 7:58PM
Marta Fernandez
Maybe after **** Cheney get's tried it will be much more easy to get the others to face justice for their crimes in Africa.Lets keep the WWW. hot with these kinds of vital informations...

I do look forwards to this trial of D.C.. (smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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