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Who has the power to destroy life on our planet? (1167 hits)

Is it not time to have a global discussion with our " white " brothers about greed, abuse and his destruction of the planet earth. And if not, why not?
There are four elements of nature: Air, Fire, Earth and Water. Without one of them life can not exist. Yet our brother has been attempting to control and obviously pollute all of them.
Many attempts have been made to discuss racism with him, and without success. But now technology has gone in the direction where greed has overcome rational thinking and is undermining the very existence of humankind.
Do we stand by and watch our demise as human beings, playing into the whims of corruption or establish meaningful dialogue with the human family about the continuation of life itself? Is this not a critical moment in history?
Posted By: Dr. Okpara Nosakhere
Monday, May 17th 2010 at 2:15PM
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What we are doing now is what it will take. Putting it on the table. All those who are participating in Black in America, both Black and White, must talk about it now without fear. And who knows, this could be the tipping point for a new beginning. The death of "Racism in 2012". It can be the catalyst to end corruption for humanity if "WE" really want it.
Tuesday, May 18th 2010 at 11:33AM
Dr. Okpara Nosakhere
Another of my articles that I would submit to this discussion is "Device Machine Dependent" - Greed and Control over all life is their (the powers that be) ultimate search and destroy mission.

Can this thing be stopped? I think...yes. But how do we stop the greedy controllers? They have eyes that do not see...and ears that do not hear...hearts that do not care for you me and anyone else!

Does it begin in the home? It has to start somewhere... Can the children save us?

They will be the ultimate deciding entity...our very near future

Peace and Love,


Tuesday, May 18th 2010 at 11:54AM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
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