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St. Peter in the Vatican (2164 hits)

St. Peter's statue in the Vatican. What do you think?
Let the Truth be your light!
Posted By: Dr. Okpara Nosakhere
Tuesday, May 11th 2010 at 6:36PM
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You know I love you Dr. Nosakhere,

but....blackSamurai, blackMexicans, blackHungryguys, blackEthiopian, blackPoseidon, blackZeus, blackHercules(son of Zeus), three blackPopes,

---the one above looks like the jockey in the yard next door

should I surmise that everything we negroAmericans have been presented under paganEuropeanChristianity is Ok--

but just black; as shown in black and white by Racialist Europe?

Tuesday, May 11th 2010 at 8:05PM
robert powell
The purpose is only to show the African presence throughout he world. The information is for those who seek hidden and unknown knowledge. More importantly for the transfer of information for our children. You know the rest.
Share it.
Tuesday, May 11th 2010 at 9:22PM
Dr. Okpara Nosakhere
This picture speaks volumes! I can't believe no one has tried to get rid of it or let me say no one has successfully replaced it.
Tuesday, May 11th 2010 at 10:28PM
Jen Fad
... it being the statue
Tuesday, May 11th 2010 at 10:29PM
Jen Fad
to share this information is to share the paganIntellect that gave us the Division of the Family of Adaam, in my opinion.

African is being scientifically, biologically and archealogically proven to be the ORIGIN..............physically of Mankind

the issue we have had to suffer with 1492-2008 has been the Mental and Physchological Direction that the paganEuropean has taken Mankind---paganChristianity has given Mankind, the DELUSION, that the ORIGIN of Intellect came from Europe.

that is the issue we must smash for the betterment of Mankind----the Racialist Division and enslavement of the Originals' MIND.

why would it benefit The African if they knew that they could be Pope and Marry Jesus, to be celibate and eat his flesh and drink his blood?

why would it benefit The African to be fantasy zues, hercules and poseidon?

i believe our smashing of the stereotype that europe is the Origin of intellect;
MUST include the dismantling of paganChristianThought........

Wednesday, May 12th 2010 at 8:30AM
robert powell
...why would it benefit The African to be fantasy zues, hercules and poseidon?...

The same way it would fasinate movie goers to be fantasy spiderman, superman, iron man, shaft, dolemite, kojack, etc...

Wednesday, May 12th 2010 at 12:18PM
Jen Fad
Everything has a root. Even "Pagan" of mythological history, which has its origin with us, has to be told. It's not a matter of sharing information from a perspective of factual information about life itself, but the evolution of culture, philosophy and the belief system of human kind. African people were the original story tellers and these were the stories we told. We/ our children need to know this. It is not for the sake of proselytizing any religion, belief system or way of life, only show what was and what is.
Wednesday, May 12th 2010 at 4:29PM
Dr. Okpara Nosakhere
ok jenFad, I guess you know a little or two about fantasy and passion.

she won me over to your case on this Dr. Nosakhere.
Wednesday, May 12th 2010 at 6:47PM
robert powell
ok, Dr. Nosakhere you are correct.

one point, if I may for my passionate jenFad------

Man, the Original Created One, Adaam;

-----gave His Rib and His Devotion to His Creator for a littleFantasy---

can we not in 2010 get something close to equivalent or a little respect for our need of fantasy?

Thursday, May 13th 2010 at 8:52AM
robert powell
@ Brother Robert
Another miracle!
Thursday, May 13th 2010 at 9:40AM
Jen Fad
Yeah! And what came first, the chicken or the egg?
When Moses ( if he truly existed. There is no historical/primary evidence to support his existence) wanted to create his own thing ( considered the Jim Jones of his time), it was after he had broken a law. He was on the run for killing an Egyptian. Ironically, the crime he committed was against the law he was asking others to follow, the 4th of the 10 commandments, "Thou shalt not kill" or "I have not killed people".

He had also lied to the people about where he had gotten his laws called "The Ten Commandment". Those Ten Laws were already the existing laws of the land called "The 42 Confessions or The 42 Negative Confessions). Just type into your Google and you can see them all yourself.

It it said that he wanted to stop the people from worshiping or bowing down before the "Golden Calf".
But, no one ever asks what that calf symbolized.

As we know today, we can identify our most common belief systems or religions by their totem/symbol/mascot/emblem. Christians have a cross (or Crux Ansata-the Horizon of the Earth and Rays of the Sun),
the Jews have the Star of David (or Double Pyramid- Heaven and Earth),
Muslims have the Crescent Moon and Star (Turkish origin prior to Islam), ( the moon is feminine: Io (pronounced /ˈaɪ.oʊ/,[6] or as Greek Ἰώ) is the innermost of the four Galilean moons of the planet Jupiter and, with a diameter of 3,642 kilometres (2,263 mi), the fourth-largest moon in the Solar System. It was named after Io, a priestess of Hera who became one of the lovers of Zeus.

The Star: There are ten "Vav" or "man" that form the five points (Masculine).

The calf represented the symbols of the Goddess "Hathor" ( check her history and how she was symbolize by cow or bull horns and face. Mose wanted to have his new religion worshiping a male, "Jahova", instead of a female, "Hathor".
People of his time were not going for this, so he and his followers left town quickly.

It is said that Mose was a Hierogrammat Priest (Wrote the Hieroglyph) who was raised under the educational or mystery system. If this is true, then his education began at the age of 7 until he was 47. A participation of 40 years. In creating his own belief system he followed the same guidelines from which he had been taught. He took his people into the "wilderness" for "40 years", in order for them to be indoctrinated into a new way of life.

I recommended the reading of: Sixteen Crucified Saviors by Kersey Graves, which shows other creationist/savior stories from other cultures and ethnic groups around the world.
Thursday, May 13th 2010 at 3:36PM
Dr. Okpara Nosakhere
Oh, so very interesting! Moses and the golden calf.... your explanation makes sense. thanks for sharing that piece!
Thursday, May 13th 2010 at 4:17PM
Nazeelah Tippett
"The most sacred icons of the Catholic Church are the Black Madonna and Christ child, which are found in Europe's most venerated shrines and cathedrals. Each year, millions of European pilgrims ritually humble themselves before the image of Black Mary and her child Jesus at Black Madonna sites throughout France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal and other Catholic countries. Many Black Madonna statues have the black paint literally kissed off of their hands and feet. In Poland, the Church encourages believers to pray to the Black Madonna of Czestochowa every morning before rising."

What can you tell me about the black Madonna?
Thursday, May 13th 2010 at 4:20PM
Nazeelah Tippett
I've added a brief blog on the Black Madonna
Thursday, May 13th 2010 at 10:42PM
Dr. Okpara Nosakhere
Dr. Nosakhere

is Madonna a latin word--or italian?

or is it an African word?

is yourScholarship then based on europeanThought or AfricanThought?

Friday, May 14th 2010 at 8:48AM
robert powell
We always look at history with our present eyes, hoping there is a consistent verification and validation of the present and a paper trail going back. Physical evidence is a tag, a bookmark, even if the pages are faded. The truth of the past is shocking to all. There is the problem of spin. You know spin depends on who is doing the reporting, the recording and the publishing, all before the reader spins in his/her mind. Still it causes you to have great and searching wonder and re-access your place in the world.
Friday, May 14th 2010 at 9:53AM
Arnold Johnson
Good point Arnold. That's why it's important for everyone to do primary research themselves. For those who like the Bible as a reference to this point, it says in
2 Timothy 2:15
King James Bible
"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."
We need to know the truth, no matter what!
Friday, May 14th 2010 at 12:58PM
Dr. Okpara Nosakhere
I wonder what would have been our view today especially of the Biblical story if the whole northern half of Africa were not systematically placed in Europe, and the peoples and cultures of those areas in the past were not effaced with today's lighter races. I am not knocking the flow of people, the mix of peoples, wars or trade or slavery. But it does seem that any group who has written history in their favor or to their glory, needs to be put in the context of reality and not myth.

If God is true, why doesn't he make clear? If God has an adversary how do we know who is God or who is posing as God? How do the righteous and unrighteous live among each other? If we take sides in our heart, is it our mission to oppose or destroy our rival? Do we have legitimate enemies? Does history veil a deeper purpose, a destiny to be revealed in time? How many generations will go by before all is recompensed or made right? Why must I suffer wrong in my lifetime?

Sometimes the only true course is forward. The problem is that faith only makes one side clear, it is nonsense to the rest.
Friday, May 14th 2010 at 3:07PM
Arnold Johnson
Brother Powell, European thought is rooted in African thought, action and purpose.
We need only to follow the trail of history.
Friday, May 14th 2010 at 3:23PM
Dr. Okpara Nosakhere
the last 1500 years of genocide, slavery, ww1-ww2-the atomic bomb, the division of the Family of Adaam, is rooted in africanThought?

thankyou so much for your scholarship and your trail of history........
Friday, May 14th 2010 at 3:30PM
robert powell
Are we not "All" from the African tree of history?
Friday, May 14th 2010 at 4:21PM
Dr. Okpara Nosakhere
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