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Posted Wednesday, September 23rd 2009 at 9:49PM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Why Do Roses Thirst in Atlanta... And Where Have I Been? (837 hits)
Okay - I let up on the poetry for a couple of months, but I'm always doing something in the background. I'd like you to listen to this piece. It's a single from my next album, "Celibacy & Wedding Bells." I want to know what you think. You now - ...
Posted Saturday, September 19th 2009 at 11:04PM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
It's My Last Month Doin' It & I Need You to Help Me to Make It Through (1415 hits)
This is my last month competing in the Spoken Word channel on I have finished in the top 10 twice since I've been there. I have an opportunity end my last month in the number 1 spot, but I need your help. Please take 15 minutes to ...
Posted Saturday, May 30th 2009 at 4:34PM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Join me on stage! (1427 hits)
Before it's too late this month, I'm asking all poets and spoken word artists to join me on  Stop by and judge other entries in the Spoken Word/Perf. Poetry channel, or better yet -- Get involved and enter your own work for c ...
Posted Saturday, March 14th 2009 at 10:49AM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Here's Some of What I'm Up to... Please do join me. (1205 hits)
Posted Monday, December 22nd 2008 at 6:18PM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Today on Blog Talk Radio - Freedom Verse Cafe (Tune in at 2 p.m. eastern time) (1272 hits)
Posted Saturday, November 22nd 2008 at 3:21AM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Open the Door - Check out the Michael Baisden Show (2717 hits)
For the second time this week, Michael Baisden has mentioned my pen name on national radio. It's so humbling... When Mr. Baisden mentioned my page on Wednesday, I missed the live airing. When I heard him mention my pen name again today... Let's ...
Posted Friday, November 21st 2008 at 8:07PM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Atlanta Red - Mentioned on the Michael Baisden Show Today (1266 hits)
Check out the page here to read comments and to join me on the site as well. I'm still in awe. I wasn't expecting such an acknowledgment. Giving God all of the glory. I know it's not about "me". It's about Him (God). http://www.iseecol ...
Posted Thursday, November 20th 2008 at 3:25AM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Conversations in the Prose of Poetry: Finalized (Parts I, II, and III) (943 hits)
I started this series back in March of this year and I struggled with part III until about a month ago when I wrote the piece, "She Is Poetry," which was also produced with my friend, MFH as "They Are Poetry." You''ll have to wait to hear the produ ...
Posted Monday, November 17th 2008 at 10:24PM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
If You've Been Down, You Know How It Feels to Rise - Elevate (981 hits)
I had to stop and make some reassessments over the past few weeks. Arenít you glad to know and believe that there is a God who not only exists, but who is loving? Now, these are some very difficult and trying times for many of us. Oh, yes Ė Iím ...
Posted Sunday, November 2nd 2008 at 10:21PM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
A Letter to His Son (868 hits)
Posted Sunday, November 2nd 2008 at 12:34PM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Sisters and Sisters of Sisters (Another off-topic blog post... but worthwhile) (1093 hits)
Another fun month on† I made it past the quarter finals again and will end in the top 10. † The semi finals end Thursday night at 11:59 p.m. † Currently, I'm in 9th place.† I would like to know where you think "My Last Sensual Love Poem ...
Posted Wednesday, October 29th 2008 at 9:00PM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Unfaithfully Wed (507 hits)
I'm getting oriented with various sites here on Connect Platform. I'm enjoying it. The diversity of information and entertainment is extraordinary. I'm sharing a subject with you (through poetry) concerning marriage. It's a sensitive topic relat ...
Posted Sunday, October 19th 2008 at 9:01PM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Steps (684 hits)
Steps - Atlanta Red ...
Posted Friday, October 17th 2008 at 8:28AM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Art in Spoken Poetry - My Last Sensual Love Poem (76 hits)
I'm new to this site, but I'm sharing this of course to ask for your support and also to share a piece of poetic art with the members of this network. If you enjoy poetry and spoken word, you may enjoy this piece. If you do enjoy listening to ...
Posted Thursday, October 9th 2008 at 11:19PM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
White Suit (1943 hits)
White Suit ...
Posted Thursday, October 9th 2008 at 12:19AM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Clean Cut (2119 hits)
Clean Cut ...
Posted Thursday, October 9th 2008 at 12:16AM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
B&W The Hat (1859 hits)
Red ...
Posted Thursday, October 9th 2008 at 12:14AM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
Outspoken Blackberry Pie (2500 hits)
Outspoken Blackberry Pie is a collaboration between Aalysis and Atlanta Red. The video focuses on the state of our communities and emits a loud cry into the air for change in perspective and action. If you are touched by the words you hear in this ...
Posted Sunday, September 28th 2008 at 1:16AM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
My Shadows Shine With Me (2358 hits)
We spend too much time exerting energy to put each other down, not realizing that we are playing into our own fears of being "unseen." This piece is about letting go of hate, jealousy, and envy and choosing instead to live on with our lives - based on our purpose for living. ...
Posted Sunday, September 28th 2008 at 12:54AM
by: Atlanta Red | post comment
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